Final Days of Sears Canada

Final Days of Sears Canada

In the weeks leading up to Sears, I couldn’t help but visit my local location every few days. Not because I was looking for deals, but because I was floored that Sears was actually going away. It was a store that has always been there, and was still a store of choice for me when I was looking for good quality clothes at decent prices. Compared to Walmart, the clothes at Sears felt like Gucci.

On the last couple days, it was ridiculously busy for what was left. There were lots of people coming to pick up the fixtures they had purchased.

In the footwear department, you could see the outlines on the floor where some display stands had already been removed.

Downstairs, where there was quite a bit of furniture left. Unsurprisingly I guess, considering their high prices even with deep discounts. The rest of the lower floor was cleared out completely.

Their vacuum department was one of first areas to be cleared out. I gotta say, it was almost surreal to walk through an appliance section… with absolutely no appliances.

Pallets of old POS systems were a trip. Looking at them showed just how antiquated the Sears system actually was.

The upper floor was completely cleared out of merchandise very early on. They had only fixtures for sale upstairs.

Heading into what was once one of the best tool departments there was – reminded me that the craftsman name was once the pinnacle of American-made tools.

Believe it or not, there were price tags on some dirty showroom mattresses, on the last day they were still available!

Also found a neatly organized shelf of headless babies (mannequins). I was honestly obsessed with the mannequins. It was like a army of limbless monsters just waiting for their time to strike.

They setup tables for people to write their goodbyes to Sears… but there were just as many rude comments as there were farewells.

Near the end, they had even blocked off the change rooms with something like police tape.

Among all the fixtures, they even had these old used irons from the tailoring department. Even on the last day there were still trying to sell the yellowed plastic assets. I should have bought it just for the hell of it… I’ll pass on the stained ironing board though.

I gotta say, as dirty as those carpets were, they weren’t much cleaner when Sears was operating.

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