K-Days Edmonton – 7 Tips to K-Days like a Boss

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7 Tips to K-Days Edmonton like a boss – Save Money, More Rides, and More FUN!

Canada’s most expensive summer festival hits Edmonton year after year – and a visit K-Days Edmonton (or, Klondike Days as we like to remember it) can be one of the most fun days you spend all summer! Or, it can be the most exhausting… not only on you, but your wallet as well!

My family and I go year after year, so we wanted to share our list of tips for K-days.


Tip #1 – Buy passes in advance

At $20 a pop for adults, and $18 for kids over 7 – a family of 4 may be looking at a whopping $76 just to step foot on the grounds. No rides, no food, no games – that just gets you in the door. And while there ARE some very cool things to check out that you get included with your admission, it’s very much a large amount of money to spend for simple gate admission.

If you buy advance passes in the month leading up to K-Days Edmonton – the same family of 4 would save $16. But you can do even better – if you buy passes even earlier – they’re only $10 each


Tip #2 – Go during the week, and get there EARLY

Not everyone can get the day off of work to go to K-Days during the week, and that’s understandable. But if you can, it’s a great idea to avoid the weekend crowds.

Regardless of what day you go – get there EARLY. Arriving just before they open at NOON, and with your pre-purchased passes, will get you on the K-Days Edmonton fairgrounds before huge crowds have a chance to grow.


Tip #3 – Ride all day passes

If you’re a fan of those rides, this is definitely the way to go. A $50 ticket pack which gets a family of 4 on about 2 rides each. So, by the time they’ve each only gone on 4 or 5 rides – they’ve spent $100…  It’s easy to rack up those rides too – each ride down the huge K-Days slide is 4 tickets, and that’s a ride that many people like to go one several times.

So, if you ARE going to ride all day, then it makes sense to buy the ride all day passes.  So, once again, take advantage of the advance tickets. Except this time buy the advance RAD Pass for $47 each. But here’s the real advantage, the advance Ride all day passes also include gate admission!


Tip #4 – Blitz your favorite rides FIRST

By the time late afternoon rolls around the most popular rides have long lines. You’ll wait for 20 – 30 minutes, and sometimes longer, for a few of the more popular rides.

By arriving at K-days Edmonton early, you can head straight for your favorite rides. Ride the roller coasters and other popular rides multiple times in the same time it takes people to ride a single time later in the day.

If you blitz your top rides early, you’ll find that you get all the benefits of the $25 front of the line pass without actually buying one.


Tip #5 – Pack for the day

Stopping for a $5 soda every time you’re thirsty, and a $7 snack every time you’re hungry, adds up fast. It’s bad enough when you’re buying for just yourself – let alone a whole family. So, come prepared. Bring a few empty water bottles, that you can fill up at the water fountains. Pack a few snacks or sandwiches too.

And here’s a secret that some parents already may know, inside the Expo Centre kids area, there is a Milk and Cookies stand. You get a carton of white or chocolate milk, plus a cookies by george cookie, for $2.50! You can’t get a snack this size ANYWHERE for that price – and you don’t need to be a kid to take advantage of this affordable treat.

One other hint, there’s a Tim Hortons van selling small coffees for the carnival-inflated price of $2, which isn’t bad in this atmosphere. But they also sell small smoothies for a buck! A cold treat for only a dollar is another unheard of deal you can find at K-Days!


Tip #6 – Pick a food few favorites

A big part of K-days is getting the chance to eat some unhealthy, greasy, over the top, and often ridiculous carnival food. Nearly none of these treats are cheap, so think about the one or two items that you REALLY want to try before you go. Plan to spend only a set amount on treating yourself, that way you’ll balance your spending while still getting to try some of those crazy carnival foods that only come around once a year.

Finally, all your planning won’t made a difference until you arrive… so make sure you follow our last tip.


Tip #7 – Weigh your transit options

Now, it’s super easy to jump on this and say “use public transit” – but that’s not always the best option. If you’re travelling by yourself or with one other person to the exhibition, transit is a great option. Also, it’s great that Kids under 12 ride free on ETS when with a paying adult. And if you already have a bus pass, that makes this a great option.

But ETS is far from the best solution for all circumstances. Let’s say a family of 4 decides to take public transit. Their youngest child rides free, so three of them to and from K-Days costs $19.50.

That’s only a 50 cent savings vs. the price of parking at K-Days Edmonton. But there are close-by lots that sell parking for only $15.

If you get there early and park at the Northlands lot, you’ll be very close to the park gates. You can pack a full lunch and leave it in a cooler in your car. You’d save more money by eating even one meal, or even a single beverage, out of the cooler in your car. Add in the convenience using of your own vehicle, storage for strollers, backpacks, food, and anything else you might need. And Parking at K-Days might be a much more attractive option.

But, this is based solely on each individual – there is no single transit method that is right for everyone.

I hope sharing the tips which have enhanced my families experience over the years, will help make K-Days Edmonton a more fun and more affordable for you!


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