The Best Way to Reheat Fries at Home

Best Way to Reheat Fries at Home

We’ve all been there – trying to eat a leftover burger and fries. And whether it’s from Five Guys, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, BK, or Good Burger, trying to reheat fries at home is always a disappointing experience.

The Microwave leaves them soft and soggy, and the oven dries them out while somehow STILL leaving them soggy. I suppose if you’re one of those people with a deep fryer at home, you could use that, but I’ll do you one better.

The absolute BEST way to reheat your fries at home, is on a frying pan.

Take the SMALLEST amount of oil, and you can often get away without any if you like, and heat the pan to just a hair hotter than medium. Throw the fries right in there.

Make sure you flip them every 20-30 seconds. The goal here is to rotate the fries enough that each side of every fry gets enough time touching the pan to come out hot and crispy. It only takes about 5 minutes of cooking to get them where they need to be.

I admit, I used WAY too much oil this time. It was one of those things where it comes out WAY faster than you expect. An easy solution for that is to drop the fries onto a paper towel and dab that oil right off of them.

Once they’re done, take the pan off the heat and throw them back in there to stay hot.

I have yet to find an EASY way to reheat a burger perfectly, but I can tell you that I get the best results from microwaving the whole thing for about 8 or 10 seconds, removing the top bun (and optionally any tomatoes or pickles or lettuce) from the microwave, and then reheating the remainder to your personal preference – is as close as I get to the experience of a freshly served burger. It stops all of your bun and condiments from getting as hot as the patty.

Finally, here’s a Five Guys Burgers and Fries PRO TIP: Order a side of their Cajun salt, EVEN if you ordered Cajun fries to begin with. Reheating the fries in a pan somehow dilutes the salty Cajun taste – so just before you eat your second course of this meal sprinkle some of that salt on the top.

Honestly, these fries are nearly as good as fresh from the restaurant – it’s definitely the best way to reheat your leftovers.

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